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free comic.

Available for free in the Phoenix Fan Fusion Program Guide.

Or scroll and read below.


Sunset and Meteor have been gracing the promotion of Fan Fusion for many years... 

Now learn their story


Get the chance to meet them

All Weekend

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Sunset and Meteor are available for free photos and selfies all weekend.

Find them in the West Building, near the 2nd Street Entrance.

Look for their Carnival banner (below image)

sunset and meteor banner version 2.0.png

"cosmic carnival"

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Story by Matthew Solberg


Written by Travis Hanson


Pencil, Inks, and Colors by Travis Hanson

Logo and Emblem designed by Martin Charles Freetage


Sunset and Meteor created by Matthew Solberg, Travis Hanson, and Anthony Jude Hernandez


"The Adventures of Sunset and Meteor" and the characters "Sunset and Meteor" are copyright by Square Egg Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

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